Founded in 2013, Mac & Melts presents Comfort Food 2.0, melting down the dishes of our grandparents and serving them up with a fresh, modern and high-quality twist. With a wide selection of grilled cheeses and a variety of vibrant mac-and-cheese dishes, this Garden City, New York restaurant has made the casual dining experience incredibly trendy-licious.

Since nothing in New York can be served up without a little style or flair, the Mac & Melts team designs its selections with some of the finest ingredients, introducing diners to how delicious gourmet cheese can be. With meals prepared from scratch in-house each day, hungry New Yorkers will find that the days of toasting up American cheese on white bread and boiling up boxed macaroni are over.

With a crafty juxtaposition, these dishes serve up flavors that will satisfy even the moodiest of foodies. And for those stuck in their ways—carnivores and vegetarians never have to argue over where to eat again. Come one, come all. From date nights to family dinner, Mac & Melts has the zest and warmth that will make you feel right at home.